Podcast and Interview with Bright Insights: Bill DeMarco and Paul Bright on “K” is for Knowledge

Very cool to be on Paul Bright’s “Bright Insights” Podcast—thank you for the invite Paul—wonderful to talk with you.

Click here: https://link.chtbl.com/Demarcopart1

iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/k-is-for-knowledge-part-1-with-bill-demarco/id1468714783?i=1000488364213

img_0106From Paul’s Show notes: I’m very excited to bring you part one of this discussion with retired Air Force Colonel Bill DeMarco, Chair of Air University’s Leadership Department and forerunner of the Mastermind Century Group. I don’t have enough room in these show notes to list all of Bill’s awesome leadership history and current leadership accomplishments. But he’s literally flown all over the world and provides top leadership development instruction to an international group of young officers. He also had a really cool Ted X talk. This made him the perfect pick to discuss what sort of knowledge avenues new leaders can go down to establish their own base philosophy.This is part 1 of “K is for Knowledge”, where we talk about Bill’s transition from wanting to just fly planes for a living to being put in charge of “the worst squadron in the Air Force”. Bill and I also an assessment tool that we both feel is better than the Meyers-Briggs.Visit Bright Insights Media for more leadership tips and tricks

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