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LD AY19 Short Syllabus Apr 18

AY19 LD 3.0 draft;AY 19 3.0 29 Jan

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Day 9 Leading Teams:  team of teamsII 

Day 10: Sun Tzu Character Strengths

MBTi Kryptonite 

Leadership Philosophy Examples 

Crititcal Thinking Notes


Organizational Culture and Leadership-schein

Day 10 team of teams 2

Day 11 Culture

HBR:  Could Your Personality Derail Your Career?

Dr Jeff DeGraff’s Lecture ACSC 28 Sep 17

Department Faculty:  DEL Fac 18

End of Course VUCA:  End of 19 course

LEDx 1.0 Flyer:  LEDx5

AY18 The Story:  AY 18 story pdf