Podcast: Leaders—Humble, Hungry, Heroes with a Heart—convo with People Catalysts’ Karla Nelson

Great conversation with Karla Nelson at People Catalysts—who believe it is not just the people. It’s their chemistry—of course we at The Mastermind Century Group could not agree more. Karla and her team have a great assessment (Movers, Shakers, Provers and Makers) to help assist in getting a deeper understanding of your leadership vehemently—check it out here: People Catalyst

Here’s the Link to the Podcast: Humble, Hungry, Heroes with a Heart

Or pick it up here: iTunes Podcast

Leaders: Humble Hungry Heroes with a Heart Retired Colonel Bill DeMarco shares four pillars to being a great leader: Be humble, hungry, a hero, and have a heart. Join Karla and the Chair of the Leadership department at the USAF’s Senior Leader College as they discuss lessons on leadership. Colonel J. William “Bill” DeMarco, USAF (ret), serves as the Chair Leadership Department, and Professor of Leadership Studies Air Command and Staff College (ACSC)

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