Leadership and the Simple Man: DeMarco Banter


“…And be a simple kind of man
Be something you love and understand…” -Lynyrd Skynyrd

I’ve always wanted to be an intellectual…I know a few… got to hang out with a few…but no matter how I try…I’m a simple dude.

I’ve read a myriad of leadership book, seen the movies, listened to the podcasts…but in the end: what is leadership?

It’s what you say it is….

The word “leadership” gets tossed around a lot…yet… real, effective, productive leadership is still very uncommon. Now, I’m not quoting any study or research. Simply an opinion based on a several decades of observation.

At times people will ask…what makes a strong leader…first you have to understand yourself. What motivates you, what are your strengths, are you a “Greater Good Leader” or does “Personal Power” motivate you–looking good for the camera, the personal praise, the perks, the corner officer?

Next are two strategic concepts a true leader must nail. First, a leader has to have the ability to visualize what success looks like; meaning that leaders must be able to define their organization’s success destination, describe what the unit will look like when it gets there, and determine how long it will take to achieve those goals. Vision is incredibly important and it is amazing how many leaders simply just don’t understand it. Secondly, leaders must have the ability to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of the organization… and have the character and courage to move the unit toward the VISION.

There are many nuances of leadership, but I am a simple man. So the first step in becoming a strong leader is taking the time to define what leadership means for you…but your definition has to be based on the two strategic concepts of defining your vision and developing the character qualities that encourage others to follow your lead.

Role models are important as well. Who are your role models? Emulate great leaders, and understand every great leader began by taking one important first step: defining what leadership meant to them. Once you know what kind of leader you want to be you can begin developing the skills needed and the courage to test yourself.

Without effective leadership, there is just chaos … there is little team work, little consistency, little pride, and little loyalty. Every day is just another day, without purpose or direction…status quo and punching the clock…there is no greater misery and life is simply too short for that…. and there is too much to do! Define Leadership…get a vision…develop character and courage. Too simple?

Just do it!

7 Replies to “Leadership and the Simple Man: DeMarco Banter”

  1. Bill,

    I think that a good flight lead has and briefs the plan and the contingencies, and then he follows the plan. As a result, because his wingmen know where he’s going, they can follow him better.

    Good leaders are good followers first. We believe in something bigger first, then we find someone to follow who’s headed the same way.

    Great post. Vision and character are spot on.


  2. Bill,

    Good post! The best leaders I’ve been around also know their own strengths and weaknesses well and are not shy about reaching out for help where and when needed.

    As leaders we need to know what we know and, more importantly, know what we don’t know! Mature leaders are very good at knowing what they don’t know and finding help to overcome those weaknesses.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Wham-o
      Agree 100%
      We have to know our strengths and weaknesses…acknowledge those and find colleagues who can compliment our weaknesses. When that happens…it makes for a great workplace

      Thank you for the comment…
      Have a Merry Christmas, all the best to you and yours in 2013

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