There’s no “I” in TEAM but there is in mistake: DeMarco Banter


Reading a bit of Ken Blanchard this AM and looking at the most common mistake a coach can make regarding his team….misjudging the level of a player.

This resonates after a very frustrating High School Football season for my oldest son. Blanchard mentions all players fit into one of four categories and as leaders and coaches… it is up to us to figure out the type of leadership they need:

Players who need direction: These guys don’t know what to do or how to do it. I was lucky enough to coach 1-3rd grade basketball a few years ago…that’s where these VERY motivated players were. As a leader, we need to instruct them every step of the way…and in many cases get on the gym floor with them and chase them up and down the court (or maybe that was just me).

Players who need coaching: Players who are able to do more of the job on their own will become more independent, but they still rely on you for direction and feedback. I think of a young lieutenant or captain co-pilot…tons of skill and training, but as the aircraft commander–we still need to closely monitor the landing.

Players who need support: Player able to work without your direction still may require resources and encouragement.

Players to whom you delegate: At this stage, players can be given a task, and you can be confident that it will be done. They only need you to lead. Provide them with vision on the front end and accountability on the back end, and they will multiply your efforts toward success….awesomeness…

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