Top 10 BIG Leadership Thoughts –DeMarco Banter


One of the greatest gifts I have ever received was from Senior Master Sergeant Andy Aupiu. On his retirement from the USAF he passed to me The Maxwell Leadership Bible. Doing some reading through Proverbs today…. I came across some Maxwellian concepts on powerful leaders and how they think…just thought I would share.

1) BIG: They realize God’s vision is bigger than theirs
2) Other People: They always include others in the mix
3) Continually: They are not satisfied with today’s answers
4) Bottom Line: They want to see results
5) Continual Growth: They want to keep improving
6) Without Lines: They let God outside the box
7) Victory: They want to see God’s rule come to earth
8) Intuitively: They have a sense of what will work
9) Servanthood: They want to serve and add value to people
10) Quickly: They evaluate quickly and see possible answers

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