Great post Roger…a great honor to accompany you. Thank you for the invite.

The Citadel Memorial Europe

“The development of character is at the heart of our development, not just as leaders, but as human beings.” [1]

Last Tuesday, I met Bill DeMarco ’88 at Cambridge American Cemetery where together we paid our respects to four Citadel Men. Walking amongst the white marble grave markers and talking about our Citadel experiences helped me to put my finger on how best to describe Major Thomas Dry Howie, USA, Class of 1929 – he was the quintessential “Whole Man”. Those who have walked the gutter of the Avenue of Remembrance on The Citadel campus know well the tower and carillon which bear his name as well as the mural inside Daniel Library depicting the entry of his flag draped body into the French town of St. Lô. Knowing these is basic “knob knowledge”; however, knowing the man himself is not, and, that is a pity, because he took the…

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