CQ Weekly December 22, 2011 Pg. 2637 Vantage Point Band Budgets Facing The Music By John M. Donnelly, CQ Staff The Marine Corps is getting rid of a few good bands. In an economy move, the Corps is deactivating a 50-member band at its logistics base in Albany, Ga., and a band of similar size …

Switchfoot - Where I Belong (Live NYC) Video Link Just listening to Switchfoot... a powerful band indeed... always get something out of listening to them. This is a good one... "Where I Belong" Feeling like a refugee Like it don't belong to me The colors flash across the sky This air feels strange to me Feeling …

Christmas Eve in Paris

Christmas Eve in Paris

Great vacation at all levels except for rest. The boys were able to see the historic city and visit Disney. Sundie and I were able to enjoy the city of love (more or less) and sample some fine French cuisine. Now we just need some time to catch up on sleep.

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Pondering many things from National Strategy, Family, God, politics…mountain biking, education, Star Wars, Batman, aircraft, cars, policy, history, the decline of empire…good food, fitness, surfing, hiking, outdoors, rock climbing, kayaking, the 49ers, The Clash, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, but where would one go to find such things?

Seth Godin on Leaders and Promoting Heretics

Seth Godin on Leaders and Promoting Heretics: The work of leadership changes dramatically when wage slaves become artists, argues MIX Maverick and bestselling author Seth Godin. The best leaders make their organizations havens for heretics by suspending religion (rules) whenever possible and focusing on faith (deeper purpose).