11 Reminders For Busy Leaders: Just Say NO To Status Quo: Neo-DeMarconian Memories

A short one this week–I found some old notes from our time in the UK.  I had these on my desk and just found it to be a great reminder–almost 9 years later.  I believe these were originally from  Terry Starbucker’s site and I still like ’em

Learn From History (So You Don’t Repeat It)

Be A Storyteller & Paint The Big Picture

Listen (Much) More Than You Talk

Training, Training, Training, Teach, Teach, Teach

Good Process Breeds Better Improvisation

Measure What You Manage, And Keep Raising The Bar

Fear Not Mistakes, For They Create The Best Opportunities

Answer the “Why” Before They Ask

Your Ideas Aren’t Always The Best Ones

This is NOT About You

If It Isn’t Fun, It Isn’t Worth a …….

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