Leadership Growth…Optional? DeMarco Banter


What are you doing to grow as a leader?

IMG_0235That is a question I ask myself close to every day… sometimes I have great answers, other times I have terrible or fake answers…and the truth is, at times, my growth has paused or in some cases actually atrophied….but it is a journey, and I am working on improvement. A leader in permanent beta.

Can we agree that growth in any field is a good thing? If we can… then why is it so few of us actually dedicate ourselves to a deliberate growth process? Is it a change thing? Change can be scary for many. Growth does require change–and change is hard–but without change…growth is impossible.

You can’t hide from change…it is all around us. On a macro scale…we LIVE in change. Right now the entire world is in a massive state of change as we wrestle with the changes in our economies–morphing from an Industrial Age base to an Information, Creative, Technology, Organizational Revolution…sometimes it is hard to even grasp the change as it is so expansive.

Leo Tolstoy once said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Change is inevitable! Can we accept that? We can go wrestle with it and guide it, morph it, and lead it–or we can hide under the bed and let it come find us…it’s our choice. Change will find you, so will you meet it head on or will you cower?

Or as my good friend Paul Simonon of The Clash used to say…

When they kick out your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun – The Guns of Brixton

If we can agree that change in inevitable and it will find us… we would also have to agree that growth through change is optional. You can choose to grow or you can choose to hide, but people unwilling to grow–will NEVER reach their potential.

BUT… remember, with great change…comes incredible opportunity.

The goal is to go from being an occasional learner to a leader dedicated to personal growth. I know…it goes against the way most people live… but do you really want to be most people? Most people celebrate when they receive their diploma or degree and figure….”thank goodness that’s over, I’m done!” That kind of thinking can’t take you any higher than average… In martial arts…the black belt is really only a sign that you are ready to learn….are you ready to learn? Then let’s do it!

Be transformed…. by the renewing of your mind…. Romans 12:2

Now that’s an old pic–Harley getting his black belt in 2012

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