The Year of The Leader: The Mastermind Century Group

2016:  The Year of the Leader

mastermindMany experts in a myriad of fields say to truly find your passion you have to find what breaks your heart. Your life’s work should be based on your passion—finding what moves you. Passion is what separates the very best from the rest of the pack.

So my passion—what breaks my heart is seeing individuals, companies, organizations, countries and even empires suffer due to a lack of vision, strategy, creativity, innovation—basically a lack of leadership.

No matter what level of leadership we ponder, or discuss, or debate, at the end of the day—truth is all that matters. It is the heart and soul of what we do as leaders.

In life, the truth will come through in our leadership and our brand. Our teams will embrace that truth—for good or ill. It’s all in the stories we tell and how we tell them. This is the point at which our authenticity shines. It’s how we fully disclose that which our leadership stands for.

This is our truth.

For anywhere we find envy and selfish ambition, there we find disorder and, dare I say—pure evil.

Just give the globe a quick glance. The November ’15 attacks of envy and hatred in Paris are old news, yet it’s all still very real and demanding of leadership at the highest levels. If we look beyond the recent events in Paris and include San Bernardino, we see strategic challenges demanding leaders to rise up, be brave, be bold, and take risks.

Edmund Burke’s quote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing,” has rarely rung so true as it does today.

Think of the challenges the free world faces—Russian aggression in Eastern Europe and the Levant, managing the rise of China, checking Iran’s malign influence, remaining prepared to respond to North Korean provocations, all while waging a global counterterrorism campaign.

The Mastermind Century Group LLC (m100Group) is all about inspiration, passion, innovation and vision. If our current generation of senior leaders is not prepared or not willing to meet the challenges of today—we, the m100Group, will mentor, educate, and invigorate the next generation to ensure they are better, stronger, smarter, and better equipped than present leadership.  The m100Group celebrates leaders and we celebrate those things that have the power to invite positive change— strategy, leadership, creativity, and innovation.

Let’s ponder the recent cowardly attacks in Paris, California, and the global tragedies happening today. Something needs to be said: We, as leaders, must come together and continue to stir ideas, strategies, innovations, and positive change even as we run headlong into the walls of our bureaucracies. It’s the endurance, the commitment to leading, the stamina. It is what we do, and it is what this world needs.

By this, I mean that leaders play an integral part in global change at both the tactical and strategic level. Just think of the leaders of the last century: Teddy Roosevelt, George Marshall, Dwight D Eisenhower, Martin Luther King Jr, and Ronald Reagan. Who can stand in their shoes today?  In other words, who can perform the simple act of taking charge? Leading for the Greater Good (G2) of society, and not for one’s own Personal Power (P2). A compelling leader pursuing the Greater Good is one of the most powerful ways the world can begin the process of overcoming fear.

So how do we do this? We can start by never letting our fears define or defeat us as leaders, in life, in anything. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be hard for us, since by nature, leaders are already some of the most fearless individuals on the planet.

It’s in our nature to create. Create powerful visions of what the future may hold and truly define a reality where good prevails over evil. By leading we create positive change. And through change we create hope, the most powerful motivator on earth.

Here at the Mastermind Century Group, we deeply believe in feeding hope so that we’ll go out and create our own Greater Good destiny.

So go do something great. Go be bold. Be fearless in the face of adversity, because in so doing, we win the war over fear. Against the backdrop of global events, this philosophy of leadership is needed now more than ever. That’s truth. Do Good!

2 Replies to “The Year of The Leader: The Mastermind Century Group”

    1. Drei: need to know what you all are working as well. We have a go-do to begin setting up a Leadership and Innovation Institute here at Maxwell for AU and the USAF. IOC should be June ’16

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