Podcast: Expert Interview: Finding the Hero Soul and Call in You with Col “Bill” DeMarco

 Today’s Topic: Finding the Hero in You

Superman-is-a-HeroWhy Is This Important?

Some of us were born to be the hero of a story of epic proportions, but others are perhaps a hero of one small child; it could be your own or a child across an ocean, but both require this idea of a hero’s soul, and to have a hero’s call.

What Are the Key Lessons Learned Here?

“You were created to do something of incredible, heroic importance. To accomplish it, you need to bring together all of your gifts, talents, passions, intellect, energy, time and resources, and harness them in such a way that you focus on the mission and purpose of your life.”

Podcast Link: Discover Your Talent:  Do What You Love–Finding the Hero Soul and Call in You

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