What’s More Important: Discipline or Intentionality?

This article also appears on the GiANT Worldwide Blog

my-clockI am sure I am not the only who wakes up in the middle of the night thinking. In a groggy, 2 a.m. state of mind, it is a struggle to grasp coherent thoughts, and usually around the time I should be getting up, things begin to coalesce and become clear. Recently I found myself awake pondering which is more important: discipline or intentionality?

Let me explain. Every once in a while, I get the feeling I’m off target or perhaps chasing things in life that might not be a priority in the grandest scheme. The question is what to do to correct these tangential pursuits. The word that came to me this morning was discipline.

dis·ci·pline (noun)

  • activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training
  • behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control

The dictionary’s definition of discipline is fine, but what discipline boils down to is doing what I really don’t want to do, so I can do what I really want to do. Perhaps it is paying the price in the little things so I can get to the bigger things.

However, in the leadership realm, we focus on being intentional, which is also important. Being intentional is simply doing things on purpose or being deliberate, but is being intentional possible without being disciplined?… READ MORE at The GiANT Worldwide Site

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