Follow me… DeMarco Banter

A leader without true followers, is simply going on a walk”. ~Unknown

488Follow me.  Isn’t that our request—our demand as a leader?  Why?  Why would anyone follow me?  Come on…it’s only two words, but it is really asking a lot.

Trust is key.  Why would anyone follow me if they did not trust me, my intentions, my character, and my direction?  Follow me.  It is a really big request.

As leaders, we can not take followers for granted.  Some will follow because it’s their job, their paycheck, or their duty, but is that what we want?  Or, do we want folks to follow because they believe my passion is their passion, and because they trust me.

A short post, but something to think about today.  How do we increase passion?  How do we increase belief?  How do we increase trust in those we lead?

It’s all about communication, trust, and relationships…

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