The Force of Ruach: DeMarco Banter and trivia for the day…

It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together” -Obi Wan Kenobi

Recently I was introduced to the concept of ruach while doing research for a class I was teaching.  The idea that God is the source of the very oneness and connectivity of the universe, like electricity that powers everything…

DeMarcoLinamRuach, pronounced “roo’-akh,” is the Hebrew word for God’s spirit.  It is the eternal part of you. Ruach is translated most often as spirit or breath.

The word ruach had at all times meant “wind” but later came to refer to the whole range of a person’s emotional, intellectual, and volitional life. It even designated ghosts.

The devine ruach flows from God because, as the writer in Psalms says….the whole earth is God’s….all of it is infused with ruach…crammed with restless creative energy, undergirded and electrified by the God who continually renews the face of the earth.

This ruach energy is as wide as the universe and powerful enough to fuel and animate and sustains even the stars…ruach is an intimate and personal as the breath you just took and the breath you are about to take.

Ruach is also spirit…although that word can bring with it a number of associations in our world today that the Hebrews did not have.

Ruach garnishes the heavens and ruach brings things into existence.

Ruach is the life force that brings everything into existence, the presence of God within the world, dwelling in every being, present to everyone and everything…all the time.  I don’t know… is that too Star Wars for you?  Perhaps George Lucas really did do some serious research before writing his epic work.

George Lucas wrote “Star Wars” shortly after the cultural revolution of the ’60s. He sensed a spiritual void.  “I wanted it to be a traditional moral study, to have some sort of palpable precepts in it that children could understand,” said Lucas, in a New Yorker interview. “There is always a lesson to be learned. … Traditionally, we get them from church, the family, art and in the modern world we get them from the media — from movies.”

I know…The faith in “Star Wars” is hard to label. The Force is defined as “an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us.” It contains both good and evil.  Yoda probably teaches more of a form of Buddhism. Yet the Lucas liturgy also proclaims “May the Force be with you,” a variation on the Christian phrase “May the Lord be with you.” But…any glimpse of Jesus is good…and I hope it begs many to ask questions and search for answers.

So…the challenge I face…everyday…is to become more the kind of person that is aware of the divine presence…of the Lord in my life…more attuned to ruach…it is present to the depths of each and every moment…seeing God in more and more poeple, places, and events…

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