Survival School or Significance School–Your Choice: DeMarco Banter


A warm body doesn’t mean I’m alive

No, I’m not alright
I know that I’m not right
Feel like I travel but I never arrive
I wanna thrive not just survive –Switchfoot

The USAF has a Survival School at Fairchild AFB in Washington State… the object there is very much to survive, but as leaders we should want to thrive… not just survive. Honestly there are so many leaders out there just hanging on…perhaps more worried about their position not about their people or improving the organization entrusted to them.

The signature of a true leader is a person that did not simply fall into a comfortable niche in life and simply exists there….as opposed to an individual pursuing goals of significance. A true leader simply can not afford to just survive…there is too much to do, to much to fix, to much to improve.

Sure if you are at survival school… please survive, but if this is your life’s work—are you looking for survival, success, or significance? I would offer the best leaders are not survivalists (although I know they do indeed excel at Survival School), true leaders desire significance and expend their time and energy in pursuit of their dreams.

So what is your dream? I ponder that often…so I ask myself… self, If you had unlimited time, money, information, staff (whew…watch out for the sequester), and no fear….what would you do? The answer to that question is your dream….and acting on your dream adds significance to your life and those around you. Too simple? Thoughts?


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