9 Loves and 7 Hates of Leadership: DeMarco Banter…


I came across a couple article over the past few days that I thought were most interesting… as they were polar opposites… sort of a love and hate type theme…

The first was more football than anything else… it was from Brian Dodd on Leadership. Picked some of the highlights below… agree 100%! In the military we lead leaders everyday… seemed appropriate.

Leading Leaders Is A Privilege

Leaders Want To Move People To Action

Leaders Want To Do Something Memorable

Leaders Thrive With Open Communication

Leaders Hate Mediocrity

Leaders Value Trust

Leaders “Confront Issues and Not The Person.

Leaders Will Make Hard Decisions

Leaders Are Attracted To Other Great Leaders

As soon as I flipped the page… I came across seven things your employees hate about your leadership… and I thought… heck… that seems right as well…

Employees hate surprises.

Employees hate unfairness.

Employees hate unclear goals.

Employees hate policy disconnects.

Employees hate empty talk.

Employees hate being lectured on values.

Employees hate isolated leaders.

So… I have plenty to work on this week… any thoughts?

2 Replies to “9 Loves and 7 Hates of Leadership: DeMarco Banter…”

  1. Bill, agree with all. The one point out of the 16 that I continue to see as the real “make or break” activity of a leader is “thriving through open communication”. When someone in a leadership position closes the door to open communication, they can no longer lead. A lot of those points are needs of the leader and the constituency – only through active dialog will they create a common language and platform from which they can then manage a successful execution of the mission. It may not be perfect or right the first time but with it is through communication that all those other 15 points can be accounted for, leveraged, or avoided.

    1. Agree Roger…Leaders Thrive With Open Communication
      We often discuss the 3 Cs here…. and of course there are many 3 Cs… lets go with C3 and 3Cs… so
      we all deal with CRISIS, COMPLEXITY and CONFUSION… how do we deal with that?
      There is a post in there somewhere on that… but with out the 3Cs above… a leader is stuck with status quo….

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