Believe and be Confident! DeMarco Banter


There is a ton of literature out there regarding leadership branding… and that can be a complicated matter, so perhaps we offer something simpler… or binary: Are you a Greater Good Leader or a Personal Power Leader? Okay, let’s get simpler…whatever you are… know who you are, believe in yourself, and be confident in that.

Confidence is characteristic of a positive attitude. The greatest leaders are confident regardless of circumstances. Think about it… would you follow a leader who does not have confidence in him or herself? People are naturally attracted to leaders who convey confidence. Strong, confident leaders recognize and appreciate confidence in others. Understand, confidence is not just for show… and most people see right through it when it is. AND that is a fine line… as leaders we have to be confident in our actions and our ability, yet at the same time if we are indeed leading we will be pushing the organization outside of our comfort zone…which can cause us to be unsure. The key is confidence in yourself and confidence in your ability to lead, vision cast, and problem solve.

Remember: Confidence inspires and empowers! Powerful leaders have the ability to instill within their people confidence in themselves…it’s contagious, it spreads and in lies the power of leaders.

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