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Leadership Freak

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Every team has a few passionate leaders chomping at the bit to create the future. But, dead weight weighs them down.

Most teams lead by consensus, the lowest common denominator.

I believe in leading with teams but struggle with drifters, underperformers, and the fearful who hold organizations back.

It’s frustrating when playing it safe is success, for example.


  1. Leaders who have retired in their positions.
  2. Politically adept but leadership deficient chair holders.
  3. Organizational cultures that honor silence and punish candor.
  4. Lack of intention to build high performance teams that press into the future.


One unselfish person with passion,
skill, courage, and patience changes things.

First, identify untapped opportunities:

  1. Few resources.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Observable results.
  4. Ignites your passion.

Look for something you can lead, not others.

Focus on bringing positive benefit not solving problems or pushing dead weight. Maintain positive focus. Most importantly, forget about convincing the…

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