4 Simple Steps in Understanding… Everyone Wants to Succeed–DeMarco Banter


Something I have believed in since day one… Everyone wants to succeed and everyone wants to contribute. Of course, I should caveat….the difference is the level of motivation and what motivates the individual.

While working for a General Officer several years ago…we had a problem with an individual in the squadron. The General looked at me and asked a very simple question… What motivates him?

My Response: … I don’t know…nothing!

Brigadier General X: “Well Bill… it looks like YOU have a leadership challenge…and that is to find out what motivates this individual and use it.”

Of course he was right… it took me all of 10 minutes to go back to my office and ponder.

1: Everyone wants to feel worthwhile

2: Everyone needs and responds to encouragement

3: People are naturally motivated

4: People buy into the person before buying into their leadership

The more you understand people, the greater your chance of success in mentoring….always trying to get better…

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