Creator or Reactor? DeMarco Banter


You can’t react and create at the same time -Jeff Goins

I heard this comment several days ago on a podcast… I love a powerful quote and the good ones just stick with me and I find myself rolling it around in my brain for days…just like a sour apple Blow Pop (remember those?).

I honestly desire to be proactive, not reactive in leadership–develop a clear vision with a definitive strategy that will guide all we do…. and that is so easy to type, yet so hard to clear the white space in a day to make it happen.

Taking up a new position in an organization is always a good time to stop and take inventory, review the good and the bad on past leadership positions and ponder how to improve.

In regards to Jeff’s quote — I have to ask:

1) Am I a reactor or a creator in my leadership?

2) Are we on offense or defense as an organization?

3) Am I trying to please people or God? Am I listening to a grumbling crowd or God and the mission I believe He has set me on?

4) Do I own my schedule or does somebody else? I need to create time to think…

Believe me… I know how I want to answer these questions…but can I honeslty say I am good on all the above? It all comes down to what we choose….to be a creator or a reactor–we simply can’t be both.

How are you doing?

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