Get Over Yourself: 4 Voices of Vision

By J. William DeMarco

Not sure why Vision is just a big deal for me.  If we have leaders that do not point the way… we get caught in an eternal grind where status quo is the best we can hope for.  I used to fly with a “crusty” old Major back in the early 1990s… he was disgruntled, upset, and had a strange garlic smell to him… but he would always mumble… in the USAF…”The best you can hope for is no punishment…”

Wow…talk about a lack of vision and living day to day…but where does a leader’s vision come from? Obviously not from taking Garlique.  John Maxwell sums it up nicely (combined with the usual DeMarco banter)…

 1)  The Inner Voice:  It all starts within.  We need to have some idea of what our life’s mission is.  Is it really simply no punishment?  If what you are pursuing in life doesn’t come from the depths of who you are and what you believe… it’s going to be a pretty short journey.

 2) The Unhappy Voice:  Where does inspiration for great concepts come from?  One thing we talk alot about is failure… failure is not bad–it is a data point.  So examine what does not work, check those data points, connect the dots and build something great.  The status quo sucks…really… it does and that is a magnificent catalyst for vision… Think about this:  No great leader at any time or place in history fought to PREVENT change.

3) The Successful Voice:  You just can not do this alone.  Life is the ultimate team sport…if you want to lead others to greatness…find a mentor, an advisor who can help sharpen your vision.  Some of us need more mentors than others.

4) The Higher Voice:  Don’t let your vision be confined by your own limited capabilites.  Your vision must have God in it…only He knows what you are really capable of.  Look beyond yourself… beyond your time in your current position, beyond your lifetime… NOW we are talking real vision… if you don’t get over youself… you will be missing the true potential of your life.

What are we forgetting?  Any big pieces?

4 Replies to “Get Over Yourself: 4 Voices of Vision”

  1. Don’t forget that a vision without a plan is just that — an instant of thought, or a flash of insight that is lost forever. If you act on that vision then you have something to focus your efforts on. Remember, you win on offense. To hope for “no punishment” is the same as surrendering initiative and just waiting for someone one or something else to decide your fate…. Take charge of your destiny and thrive!

    1. exactly Ben, great points… building plans, letting them move, grow, and meld themselves as the situation changes and adapts…let see how it goes this time around…

      1. I like the way both of you think, and I think the aviation metaphor is ideal for communicating both the concept of the vision and the way to get there. Bill you should check out ChrisLoCurto dot com, and I think you should submit a guest blog over there too.

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