7 Signs of a Bad Leader by Bernardo Tirado

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Bloggers note:  You all know ’em, you all have worked for them, anything to add?  Guilty of any?  

Many of us remember our worst leaders and for some of us we still are working with them.

Below are 7 signs to find out if you are reporting into a bad leader. Feel free to respond with other signs that you think are worthy noting.

#7. You email updates to your leader and she or he never reads them

#6. You’re told you have to work late on a presentation that’s never used

#5. Your leader asks you to do something on Monday – something that normally takes a week – and she or he asks Tuesday if you completed that task.

#4. You tell your boss you can’t get it done and all she/he repeatedly asks why no matter how good of a reason.

#3. Thinks she/he are always right and is just stubborn

#2. Has no life and works under the impression that you don’t have one either

#1. Only manages up, not down

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