A Saboteur Among You


By J. William DeMarco

Pondering individuals and impact this AM: Would you agree that people always (I know big word) project on the outside how they feel on the inside?

Every once in a while you meet someone for the first time…and you suspect something is not quiet right–you suspect a poor attitude, yet you are unable to put your finger on why?

I just finished listening to John G. Miller and Andy Traub this AM and their commentary on “The Question Behind The Question.” A person’s attitude reflects on the team or the unit, especially as a leader. Individual attitudes have a huge impact on the team–the negative attitude or poor focus of an individual can sabotage an otherwise successful team.

John Maxwell further points to six common attitudes that ruin a team (a sure ticket to failure and misery):

1) An inability to admit wrongdoing
2) Failing to forgive
3) Petty jealousy
4) The disease of ME
5) A critical spirit
6) A desire to hog all the credit

Sure looks like most bad attitudes are the result of selfishness. John Miller might point out as well, that when a person puts others down, deflects blame, doesn’t own a mistake, sabotages teamwork, or makes themselves out to be more important than the team…we have lost focus. As leaders…we can not let this happen to us…and it is so easy to slip into the negative stream or the pity party–believe me I know. So please stay positive…don’t sabotage your unit…your team NEEDS YOU!

Whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all. Mark 10: 43-44

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