The 15 ‘Happiest Seaside Towns’ in the USA by Kitty Bean Yancey

Blogger Note:  Ah, now we are getting somewhere, I could live on  Kiawah! Pending on the website, median home prices is $500 to just over a million (how do you get that kind of a mean?).   Most the other towns are incredible…interesting to note the dominance of Norther California towns…gotta love Half Moon Bay.

What would you say is the “Happiest Seaside Town” in the USA?


Well, it’s Kiawah Island, S.C., according to Coastal Living Magazine‘s new rankings.

The list was compiled using a complicated formula involving editors’ picks, the Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index, sunny days, beach quality, low crime, commute time, education of residents and other factors. The other waterfront places where life is supposedly a smiley face:

2. Naples, Fla.

3. Sausalito, Calif.

4. Lake Bluff, Ill.

5. Tiburon, Calif.

6. Laguna Beach, Calif.

7. Half Moon Bay, Calif.

8. Chatham, Mass.

9. Jupiter, Fla.

10. Lahaina, Hawaii

11. Marblehead, Mass.

12. Stinson Beach, Calif.

13. Cohasset, Mass.

14. Duxbury, Mass.

15. Solomons Island, Md.

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You can read about why each town is so blissful in Coastal Living‘s June issue or on its website.

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