Enlarging the Organization….

20120511-075131.jpgEver have one of those weeks? No…not one of those…but…one of these…where EVERYTHING goes just right?

I am a car guy…and have a 1966 GT350 which I love to work on. Sometimes…every once in a while–you turn the key and she just purrs…the glass packs resonate perfectly, tap the gas a couple times and there are just goosebumps. Push in the clutch, click into first and wow…all that time under the hood has paid off and this gorgeous piece of American history just glides down the street…loudly!

That has been the story of BIG week this week. Details later…but everyone comes together to make a week that lives on. What an incredible team effort…

An odd DeMarconian thought comes from this…seeing organizations and people advance to another level is awesome. Watching people enlarge, empower, and succeed is an incredible experience. Enlarging people and organizations…has to be one of the greatest experiences on earth.

Looking through some John Maxwell thoughts today and of course he has some great thoughts on “enlarging.”

1) To enlarge…leaders value teammates: People’s performances usually reflect the expectations of those they respect.

2) To enlarge leaders have to know and relate to what their teammates value: Players who enlarge others understand what teammates value. That kind of knowledge, along with a desire to relate to their fellow players, creates a strong connection between teammates.

3) Leaders who enlarge add value to their teammates: An enlarger looks for gifts, talents, and uniqueness in other people, and then helps them to increase those abilities for their benefit and for that of the entire team.

4) Leaders who enlarge make themselves more valuable: You cannot give what you do not have. If you want to increase the ability of a teammate, make YOURSELF BETTER!

And [the angel] said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel; for you have struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.” –Genesis 32:28


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