The Truth About Leadership

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Each of us is born to lead, but not all of us are born feeling like leaders. Most of us don’t realize we have a chance to lead.   
Sadly, what happens is that we impose barriers, we erect walls, and we pad ourselves into boxes and closed off rooms. We find ourselves feeling suffocated by our own self-defeating thoughts and misguided deeds.   
Many times, in my work with organizations, I hear people say they are not leaders and they cannot make an impact and I feel that with a little wisdom, a little encouragement, and a lot of empowerment they can come to realize that everyone can be a leader.   
I believe in any organization, business, or relationship, leadership is not so much about position as much as it is about each person’s disposition.   
As you will read the truth about leadership, you will come to understand that you do not need a title to lead.   
Everyone can lead from where they are; everyone can drive change and inspire others. This is not a traditional view of leadership, where leadership is allocated for the few. It is NOT based upon power. This leadership belongs to all of US…  
So, how do we discover our heart -based leadership?   
How can we lead without a title?   
By honoring your soul: – Your soul is made up of all that is good; it if full of all that it wants to express. Sometimes you may feel your calling but feel too scared to accept it, own it, be it. Your soul is calling; do not ignore it. Have the courage to dream, for what you dream becomes your life. Recognizing your soul is one of the most important decisions you will ever make to owning your leadership.   
By listening to your heart : By moving beyond the mind and proceeding past your ego, you learn to listen to your heart. The heart is the sum of everything: all your feelings, emotions, reactions, and responses. Your heart wants to guide and assist you. As you continue to draw upon your heart for direction, you will eventually find that what you seek and what you seek you will want to share with others.   
By owning your past: By putting value on your past and all the lessons you have learned and to act as witness to the roads, detours, and highways you have traveled, you will come to understand that where you stand, no one has ever stood before. You will bring your history into each moment and shade it with perspective and meaning. By learning from your life lessons, you begin to make them into learning and leadership moments.   
By being enough: You need to stop looking over your shoulder. You have to stop comparing yourself to others. You have to remember, you are the gift, the present to this world. You do not have to worry about what others are doing. Because your responsibility, your mission, is to be your best self. By feeling you are not enough, you are sending out the message that you do not deserve. Knowing you are enough, you can spend more time on cultivating your full potential. Leadership is the expression of courage that compels people to live in their giftedness.   
By being a bit braver: To be a bit braver you are going to have to trust yourself. It will not take much; it will take just a bit of effort. You don’t have to risk it all at once, you just have to begin by taking one step closer to our leadership. Be a bit braver — a bit bolder —and do not shrink from yourself. Be the leader you want to see in the world.   
By honoring values: One of the requirements of leadership is that you know what you value and what your core convictions are. Because your values will set your direction, they will be your compass for your decisions and choices. Be a leader who honors your values and core convictions and let your leadership speak for itself.   
By making a difference: Don’t just sit by and wait for the world to call you a leader; take this opportunity to claim your calling and be the person who can inspire and change the world.   
Seek the principles of lead from within and heart based leadership because they are universal. This leadership will feed your soul and engage your heart.   
This leadership is an ever-evolving journey. There are roads to travel and paths to take and many things will feel unpredictable and unreasonable.   
The truth about Leadership is…. you are a leader and you don’t need a title to demonstrate leadership on all levels and across all boundaries.   
Lead from within: the purpose of our life is to discover our leadership, the work of our life is developing leadership and the meaning of life is to teaching our leadership to others. If you accept all of your life your leadership will not have been wasted.

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