Enlightened Rebel or “Free Radical?” Fighting C3 w/3Cs –DeMarco Banter

By J. William DeMarco

“Nothing stops an organization faster than people who believe that the way you worked yesterday is the best way to work tomorrow.”  — Jon Madonna

ImageThe more my “maturity” hits me in the face–the more I see the world for all of its C3:  Crisis, Complexity, and Confusion.

As leaders we must focus on protecting our folks from C3.  This requires a focused and deliberate plan:  3Cs:  Creative Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.  Carl Butler and his company Actualise–present a very nice framework which helped a good bit below.

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Rebel, Rebel….no, wait…you’re a Christian? by J. William DeMarco

I guess I grew up a rebel…funny now that I am a dad, Air Force Officer, student, pilot, commander, the list goes on…but I think I have always been a rebel at heart.  As a teen, the church I belonged to frowned on that…the long hair (well…that’s gone), the black ’72 SS/RS Camaro, my taste in music (anything loud and anti-establishment)…all added up to what they called a “rebellious hippie.”  The title offended me, not the rebellious part as much as the hippie part…weren’t the hippies done as of 1974?  I was a surfer and as a teen…the thoughts weren’t deep….but I had to ponder…didn’t Jesus have long hair, wouldn’t He have driven a muscle car, what kind of music would He like?

Webster defines rebel as “To renounce, and resist by force, the authority of the ruler or government to which one owes obedience”  First glance,…not so sure being a rebel is a good thing, but in the past few years…there appears to be a rise of folks that sort of get the concept as it pertains to Christianity.  Rob Bell, Donald Miller, Erwin McManus to name a few… these folks have really stepped out and showed those that care to listen, a different and perhaps more true side of Jesus…one we may have forgotten.

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