It’s all about the Team!


It’s all about the Team!

By J. William DeMarco

I have been lucky to work with some amazing teams. It’s always a sad day when it is time to pack it up…move on and leave a powerful team, but in the military…we do that often.

We talk a ton about Communication, Collaboration, and Creative Thinking...and leadership–all are incredibly important to any team, but we can not forget an attitude of partnership. Respect, loyalty, and integrity are the foundation of any strong team…and every player on any team must respect the other players. They must have a STRONG desire to to contribute to the team, and they must come to expect a contribution from every other person. Above all…that integrity and trust must be present. Trust makes it possible for people to rely on one another. It allows them to make up for each other’s weaknesses instead of trying to exploit them. It allows the team to ALWAYS put the strongest players forward for any given task–where their skills are best utilized…there is no fear of exploitation, no fear of manipulation. Trust allows the team to work as a cohesive, fighting unit…and to accomplish things that they together recognize as important…

I am sure anyone reading this has already thought of the best team they have ever been a part of and in the same breath thought of the worst…so, make your team the best!

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