4 Keys in Developing our Replacements….

By J. William DeMarco

Been sitting in the new job for about a week.  There is a recuring thought that comes to me serveral times a day… are we doing a good job at developing leaders?  I really don’t have a firm answer yet, but ponder it often and am looking for data.

The elevator speech… something short to the point…that covers our efforts, I would have to say:  We need diverse, loyal leaders who are hungry for success and victory…how do we look to develop these warriors?

I would offer 4 keys we must develop… and I am sure there will be more as I sit here and think:

1) Relational:  Our leaders must be personable and approachable after all we are looking for volunteers to serve…something that in itself is perhaps counter-cultural today.

2) Resourceful: We need leaders that will make the most out of every situation and make the best out of it.  Of course we also owe it to these leaders to be sure we resource them–so they can become all they can be and enable said leaders to succeed.

3) Rewarding:  We need to demostrate the concept that rewards belong to those deserving….we must share rewards and recognition freely–this can be hard to do for some that long to absorb the limelight.  We must affirm and motivate with words and actions.

4) Respectable:  We have to model a leadership style that other want to imitate.  We must demonstrate a leadership style that friends respect and enemies fear…

It’s time for me to move past Cs and use some Rs…

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