by J. William DeMarco

EPIC FAIL! Is that always a bad thing? Sitting here on my XX birthday… I ponder all the successes and the EPIC FAILs in life. Success does not mean avoiding failure… it is all what you do with the EPIC FAIL. Do you learn, do you get stronger? All of us fail…we have to. The only person who avoids failure altogether is the person who never leaves the driveway. So the real issue is not whether we fail….it’s will you fail successfully?

Personally, I have failed many times…too many to count, but have always tried to pick myself up and move on. That is a very easy thing to type, but…it’s a very hard thing to do. So please don’t think the move on part is easy…and sometimes it takes a bit of time to take account of your wounds, get appropriate help and re-engage, but re-engage you must. I have always learned more from my EPIC FAILS as opposed to success…so learn, move, teach, mentor, succeed.

Note: one epic fail…I did not post this on the 28th, but on the 30th!

3 Replies to “FAIL!”

  1. I like the Edison rendition of failure. “I didn’t fail a 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.”

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