Do More in Less Time: Tips From an Efficiency Expert by Howard Greenstein

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Jason Womack’s book Your Best Just Got Better explains how to keep from being interrupted. It also identifies the perfect time of day to make a difficult call.

Author Jason Womack’s broad grin and twinkling eyes aren’t an act–he has been happy every single time I’ve met him. After teaching high school for five years, Womack worked with the David Allen Company, giving over 300 seminars on “Getting Things Done.” He’s passionate about helping others through his work and through his books. His latest, Your Best Just Got Better, has some simple and useful elements entrepreneurs can learn. I had a conversation with him at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas, event last month.

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Mentoring: Who benefits? The Jedi or the Padiwan: DeMarco Banter


I am truly blessed to work with some of the most outstanding young minds and leaders in the world… they honestly humble me everyday.  The United States Air Force recruits and trains the finest people in the Imageworld and to be an “old man” and a “positional” leader is a gift I relish daily.

One of several things I am passionate about is creating tomorrow’s leaders today and doing all I can to pour life’s stories and experiences into these stellar Americans.

Finding the top leaders in an incredible group is difficult as there is no lack of talent in today’s military and the best and second best are separated be mere millimeters.

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Decline or Decadence? – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online

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AImagelmost daily we read of America’s “waning power” and “inevitable decline,” as observers argue over the consequences of defense cuts and budget crises.

Yet much of the new American “leading from behind” strategy is more a matter of choice than of necessity. Apparently, both left-wing critics of U.S. foreign policy and right-wing Jacksonians are tiring of spending blood and treasure on seemingly ungrateful Middle Easterners — after two Gulf wars, the decade in Afghanistan, and various interventions in Lebanon and Libya.

We certainly have plenty of planes and bombs with which to pound Syria’s Bashir al-Assad. Never in the last 70 years has the U.S. military been so lethal.

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What Doesn’t Motivate Creativity Can Kill It by Steve Kramer, Teresa Amabile

ImageManagement is widely viewed as a foe of innovation. The thinking goes that too much management strangles innovation (just let a thousand flowers bloom!). But we have found a much more nuanced picture. You really can manage for innovation, but it starts by knowing what drives creativity in the people who generate and develop the new ideas that, when implemented, will become tomorrow’s innovations. Unfortunately, too many managers unintentionally kill innovation because they rely too heavily on carrots and sticks to motivate employees.

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