Top 10 Most Misunderstood Lines in Literary History by JF Sargent

There’s no better way to sound smart than by dropping a perfectly timed quote from some well-respected literature.  It shows that you’re both well-read and possess the stunning intellect to memorize whole chunks of books in the off chance that you might need it at some point (and barely anyone ever considers the implication that you just have way too much free time).

The problem is that a lot of the most famous quotes need context to be fully understood and, if you use them without knowing what they really mean, you might accidentally be saying something pretty dumb.  For example…

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12 Most Inescapable Leadership Teachings by David M. Dye

ImageLeadership is a journey where the first steps are often the most difficult. Throughout that journey you learn through your own experiences and the lessons of others. However, those early lessons are often the most critical.

These 12 most inescapable leadership teachings are a combination of both types of learning: wisdom gained from early mentors as well as experiences along the way. They apply as much today as they ever have — you can’t escape them! I hope these early lessons help you build a solid foundation or refresh you on your journey to change the world!

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